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Protecting Computer Touchscreens

(NAPS) --With any point-of-sale (POS) terminal -- such as a Restaurant POS, Kiosk POS or Self-Service POS terminal -- the touchscreen suffers more use and abuse than any other part of the system. After all, normal use calls for it to be poked and prodded on a constant basis -- and that doesn't include employees or customers using pens and/or long fingernails on the screen instead of fingertips and dropping objects on the screen.

The same sort of concerns apply to personal electronics, such as a handheld computer, tablet computer, or ultramobile personal computer. A single rip, tear, scratch or gouge can mean the end of a touchscreen. It can cause the screen's calibration to be thrown off to the point where it will no longer be usable or it may simply not function at all.

In the end, even a properly used, well-maintained touchscreen will become damaged from constant use. Certain areas that get a lot of use -- for example, a print key, a cash key, or a sign-in key -- will become worn to the point where that area will not respond properly to touches. In addition, a touchscreen is susceptible to scratches, gouges, dirt, dust, grease and oil from normal use -- all of which can render the touchscreen inoperable.

In most cases, the only fix is a touchscreen replacement. And for businesses that use touchscreen technology in their day-to-day operations, this can be a costly endeavor, as many POS providers do not cover touchscreen replacements, especially if the damage is caused by "negligence" (in other words, anything that isn't normal wear and tear).

Fortunately, touchscreen protectors can help individuals and businesses avoid the high costs of replacing a touchscreen. PosR.us offers protectors that are virtually unnoticeable when installed, yet take the brunt of the damage caused by typical use and abuse. The custom-fit, ultrathin, longlasting protectors are only 0.005" thin material, yet are stiff enough to stay flat on the screen without warping during use. They install easily and leave absolutely no air bubbles between the film and the screen. You won't even notice that it's there! In addition, the screen protectors provide a pleasant-feeling touch surface, reduced glare and can be easily removed without leaving any kind of residue. If a protector becomes worn or gouged, you can simply replace it with another in minutes. No tools, no headaches and no high-priced repairs are necessary.
To learn more, call (516) 471-1976 or visit the Web site at www.PosR.us.

Ultrathin protectors can help prevent touchscreen malfunctions that may occur due to overuse or abuse.

Un Tema Tactil

(NAPSM) Si usted tiene una computadora personal ultramobile (UMPC) Terminal Punto de Venta -- POS, sistema -- vital para muchos propietarios de negocios -- entonces ya conoce la importancia de la pantalla tactil. Sin la pantalla tactil, es casi imposible utilizar estos dispositivos.

No obstante la pantalla tactil es un instrumento muy delicado, susceptible a ralladuras, cortes, suciedad, grasa, aceite y desgaste debido al uso normal-- los que pueden hacer que la pantalla tactil sea inoperable.

Una empresa conocida como PosR.us ofrece la solucion: un protector para pantallas tactiles hecho a medida, superfino y de larga duracion. Estos films de coberturas patentados tienen solo 0.005 pulgadas de espesor de material, sin embargo son lo suficientemente fuerte para no moverse de la pantalla ni combarse durante el uso. Se instalan facilmente y no dejan absolutamente ninguna burbuja de aire entre el film y la pantalla. Usted ni siquiera sabra que esta alli.

La empresesa ofrece protectores de pantallas tactiles para terminales POS con pantalla tactil, UMPCs y computadoras portatiles. Para saber mas, llame al (516) 471-1976

Los protectores transparentes que son antireflejo y sin burbujas de aire ayudan a mantener los POS y UMPC a trabajar en orden.

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