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Touch Screen Repair

POS or LCD touch screen display repair is expensive, inconvenient, and unfortunately, inevitable. Costs can run from $150.00 to $700.00 or more to repair a broken touch screen.

There are three reasons why a LCD or POS touch screen will not work:

  • Software Problems
  • Hardware Problems
  • Display Problems

The display is the glass LCD or CRT on which the video images are shown. The resistive touch screen is a film which overlays the glass display. Display problems are a completely separate issue from touch screen problems – display problems usually involve distorted video or a completely black screen.

Common Touch Screen Problems:


Possible Cause

No touch response from touch screen.

Touch screen is damaged, bad cable, cable disconnected, touch screen drivers need to be reloaded, touch screen controller bad, other software conflicting with hardware, monitor/POS power supply bad.

No touch response in certain areas.

If after calibration it still does this, bad touch screen or controller.

No power to touch screen monitor.

Outlet, power cord, fuse, power supply, mother board.

No power to POS terminal.

Outlet, power cord, fuse, power supply, mother board.

No video on display.

Lamp, inverter or video card bad.

POS terminal won’t boot.

Corrupted software or drivers, bad hard drive, corrupted registry, cable issues, new software/hardware added and creating problems.

Most LCDs, touch screens, point of sale terminals, and handheld POS units can be saved from the damages caused by typical use and abuse of the touch screen. A touch screen protector from PosR.us can help alleviate costly, time-consuming POS touch screen repairs.

Reduce the need for repair, service, or replacement of your LCD touch screen displays, point of sale terminals, or handheld point of sale units. Protect yourself against broken POS touch screen displays that are not covered by a warranty or maintenance service contract with a custom-fit PosR.us touchscreen protector.

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