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Trimble FM-750 and CFX-750 Touchscreen Protector

SKU: Posr487 Trimble FM-750 and CFX-750 Touchscreen Protector
Brand: PosR.us
Trimble FM-750 and CFX-750 Touchscreen Protector More details...
Price: $8.10

Antiglare or Antireflective:

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Trimble FM-750 and CFX-750 Touchscreen Protector
Trimble FM-750 and CFX-750 Touchscreen Protector
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Product Details
Trimble FM-750 and CFX-750 Touchscreen Protector

PosR.us touch screen protectors are custom fit for the Trimble FM-750 and CFX-750. Extend the lifetime of your Trimble and keep it looking like new with PosR.us shields!
  • PosR.us films are only 0.005" thin and yet are stiff enough to stay flat on the screen without warping during use.
  • Topside of film has a highly scratch resistant treatment with a smooth, pleasant writing surface.
  • Long lasting protection against dust, scratches and gouges.
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant to protect the LCD screen.
  • Highly transparent film provides added screen contrast and brilliant colors.
  • Back of film is scratch resistant and has a patented anti-Newton ring treatment to prevent adhesion and distortion.
  • Installs easily in seconds with no air bubbles, leaves no residue when removed
  • Filters out 99% of UV light from reaching your screen or reflecting to your eyes.
  • Additional antireflective option available for reduced glare and reflection outdoors.

Unfortunately, without a touch screen protector, the only way to remove scratches on your FM-750 or CFX-750 is to replace the touchscreen for a minimum of $120. Save your screen with a PosR.us touch screen protector today!

PosR.us recommends that you clean the LCD screen of your device before installing the screen protector. Our two stage wet-and-dry wipes will remove dirt, grease and fingerprints from the screen. In addition, these wipes can be used to clean the protector after it has been installed.

PosR.us has no affiliation with any of the brands, manufacturers, or devices listed on our website.
All screen protectors listed on this site are manufactured by PosR.us.

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