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InfoTouch POS Software can use a wide variety of POS Hardware. If you know what type of POS terminals you have, you can click the POS Hardware link on the left and select your touchscreen to get the proper protector.
If you aren't sure what model touch screen you have, it is a quick and easy procedure to measure your screen to determine which protector you should order. You will need to measure both the height and width of the touch screen (in millimeters if possible) as shown in the diagrams below:

Be sure to only measure the viewable screen area. Do not measure the casing or frame surrounding the screen.

Once you know the size of your touchscreen, select the protector below that will fit your screen. If your measurements fall in between the protectors listed, select the smaller protector, as the larger one may be too big for your touchscreen.

  Description Price
12.1" Touch Screen Protector 246 X 185.5mm - 9.69" X 7.3"
12.1" Touch Screen Protector 247.7 X 187.3mm - 9.75" X 7.37"
15" Touch Screen Protector 307 X 231mm - 12.09" X 9.09"
15" Touch Screen Protector 303 X 227mm - 11.93" X 8.94"
15" Touch Screen Protector 304.8 X 228.6mm - 12" X 9"
17" Touch Screen Protector 339 X 272mm - 13.35" X 10.71"
PosR.us has no affiliation with any of the brands, manufacturers, or devices listed on our website.
All screen protectors listed on this site are manufactured by PosR.us.

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